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AskTech (Pvt) Ltd. is an IoT service provider that specializes in delivering IoT-based solutions. Founded with the primary goal of providing safety solutions for vehicle owners, AskTech offers a turnkey solution designed to ensure affordable, reliable, and seamless communication systems for efficient vehicle tracking. As a true regional player with operations across Pakistan, AskTech has established a strong and distinctive market presence.

Why AskTech?

  • 1-National Coverage from coast till peaks!
  • 2-AskTech Recovery and Response Unit at your disposal
  • 3-AskTech 24/7 Hotline and Call Center
  • 4-Competitive Pricing
  • 5-Active Buy back Policy
  • 6-Benchmarking International Standards
  • 7-Technological Edge with our hybrid GPS systems rooted
    with SMS locations


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Jamshed Jadoon

Chief Exective Officer

Head of Operations

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