Fleet Specialized Solutions

Fleet Specialized Solutions

Fleet Specialized Solutions provide tailored services for managing and optimizing fleets of vehicles in specific industries or applications. These solutions offer customized strategies and technologies to address the unique needs and challenges of various fleet operations, such as transportation, delivery, construction, or emergency services. They encompass specialized software, hardware, and consulting services designed to improve fleet efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety, and streamline operations. By leveraging industry-specific expertise and innovative solutions, Fleet Specialized Solutions help organizations achieve optimal fleet performance and meet their specific business objectives effectively.


  • Temper Proof Installation
  • Anti-Jamming Function (Jammer Detection Devices)
  • Power Removal Alert
  • Over Speeding Alert
  • On-Demand Engine Cut
  • Geographical Fencing (Area Restriction) Alerts
  • Ignition On/Off Alerts (On Demand)
  • 24 Hours Round The Clock Monitoring/Call Centre Facility
  • Online Tracking Using Digital Map And Satellite Imagery
  • On Demand Location and Real-Time Tracking Using GPRS/SMS
  • Web Based Movement and Alerts History Of Vehicle
  • Mobile Application

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