Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. What should I do if Vehicle auto lock?

    Firstly, confirm Ignition and fuel pump issues, if everything is ok then call to helpline

  • 02. If did not receive any SMS or Call while crossing the area that was activated for Geo Fencing?

    Call to helpline and confirm Geo Fencing area .

  • 03. What should I do if device did not response any command?

    Intimate to helpline

  • 04. If received P/C alerts while vehicle in running
    position ?

    Intimate to helpline

  • 05. If received delay reply of any command.

    Check signal strength in your area then call to helpline and guide against network coverage

  • 06. If mobile app pin not generated SMS.

    If number is port outed then SMS does not receive then change number if possible if not then call to helpline

  • 07. If application id or password not working?

    Call to helpline for requesting for reset password

  • 08. In case of snatching or stealing vehicle what
    should I do?

    At the same time call to helpline and intimate to 15

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